“It’s not just a matter of space, is not so simple.” In the story of Macao, the collective of workers of art, Galfa Cleared Tower in Milan on Tuesday morning, the simplicity is found in small acts of generosity, perhaps forgotten, a city which “continues to build buildings when there are tens abandoned, left to die. While we have no meeting places, spaces to live our creativity. ” The “Macao thought” like. And even then. They showed the thousands of people (including students, intellectuals, artists, curious, insecure) to Via Galvani, where for 48 hours held permanent garrison. “Macao is all of us. Macao are too, even if you do not know. ”

Music, performances, performances have enlivened the nights at the foot of a building abandoned (and filled with asbestos) top 32 floors. By day laboratories, workshops and PerSono a race kites. Politicians and trade unionists (also arrived Maurizio Landini Fiom) have talked to these guys who have no doubts: “We are in the right. We want to change this city, we want to make space for culture. ” The same promised in the election campaign by the junta to Pisapia. “Many people here voted for mayor in the hope that the wind changed really. But it seems that nothing has changed. Yet we had believed. ” Anna (the name is all Macao) dreams of making theater, for now is “satisfied” of part-time jobs while going to acting school. She speaks with long black hair of “contradictions and ambiguities.” Sure, he says, “I know that here we bother, we block the traffic. I hope we will find a solution soon. ” The possibility of the former Ansaldo has for now ruled out, “was already in the program we have only accelerated the progress.” But there remains the desire to space (“non-existent in Milan”) in order to exercise their creativity.

And where you can do culture “when we live in a country that has cut all types of financing.” For two days it seems that there is nothing more than Macao. This strange word (“is an acronym yet to be invented and why we opened a call”) is entratanel vocabulary. Discussed, used, shipped, and well designed. Shared on the Internet like never before. One thing is certain: “It is not just a matter of space, is not so simple. We have caught without even a need to know how deep. ”

— Corriere della sera

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