facebook, please make me rich

If  working in a startup with a salary of 0$ per month has never entered in your head, why dont’ you think of Facebook employees who have accumulated over time stokss company when it had a much lower value and that are now in the hands of a fortune.
Wall Street welcomed the new title under the initials FB, the titles have experienced a rapid rise
Until yesterday evening, the initial range was calculated between $ 34 and $ 38, butFacebook has opened up to share $ 42.05 finishing just below the best performer ever Visa in its debut on the stock exchange in 2008.
Despite the IPO CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg will keep up the absolute majority with 57.3% of the shares.
Many wonder how it will be the trend of Facebook in the next 10 years and in a survey of CNBC almost half of Americans think that will fade away, but we do not want to ruin this day of glory for Mr. Zuckerberg, who has offices in overalls in wall street, not mister sympathy and certainly does not point to the charm of Hefty, but it reflects perfectly the Generation of the 20’s today, and the victory of meritocracy of ideas and continues toinspire startupper generation of entrepreneurs and managers.

By Blondie

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