I’ve just seen a face

“I’ve just seen a face I can’t forget” sang the Beatles in 1965. Well, there’s actually a face I can’t (I won’t) forget.

From today, ladies and gentlemen, bliss has taken an exact shape… It ceases to be pure state of mind and soul and stands physically in space and time: Marcus Mumford’s glance at min 0.18 (in the video below). In a smile, in a gaze, in a modulation of voice lies the thrill of success… success with a capital ‘S’: the one that gives back everything, that pays off and consoles. The same that “so it was worth it…”, “then this is for, uhm? Why didn’t anyone  tell me before?”.

The face of the artist shines humble, satisfied, basking in the glorious wave of ecstasy, of pure thankfulness.

Ok, THAT face reminds me, in one instant , of the reason for music. It reassures me that even now, in time of crisis and whatever, someone can still reach take flight and reach dizzy heights. So fuckin’ high.

All this regardless of the fact that M&Ss (and “The cave” in particular), are one of the great little diamonds plucked from the earth over the last 4 years. But that’s another story…

Enjoy the video  (Mumford & Sons live @Reading Festival 2010)

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