A Spear causing a Stir in Sunny South Africa…

Ok … what do people know about South Africa…  the whites are a bunch a racists, we have some dude called Mandela who is mates with Bono, you can't swim there cause the water is cold and we are a thriving democracy hot on the heels of emerging industrial powers like China, Brazil and India…. oh and lions roam the streets at night.

Let me help you out there… not all whites are Racist… sure there are still loads of dinosaurs who cling to “the old ways” like a maternity blanket but with each new generation this will slowly slip into the past, oh and loads of the black population still have a tinge of pent up anger towards the whities but hey they sort of have a point no? ( Black not African beacuse white and indian and coloured south africans consider ourselves african too)

Mandela isn't just Bono's mate, he was and to a degree still is instrumental in what has been happening in South Africa since 1991… probably did a few shady things in the past but he definitely helped stop SA from slipping into total civil war so,  thanks for that Madiba…

The water is warm on the east coast (you can even swim in winter on most days) and fucking cold on the west….so get that right and stop pulling a face when I mention going to the beach in SA…

LIONS DO NOT ROAM THE STREETS! They to shit scared of getting shot or stabbed or highjacked

Oh the democracy thing… thats something we are still trying to get our head around. We go off and vote every 4 years or so but with no real opposition the ANC basically run the show.

And that brings me to the Spear. Sorry about the preamble but it's always good to get a bit of a backstory.

Basically, artist Brett Murray has caused a bit of mayhem with his portrait of South African President Jacob Zuma standing proud with his junk out. The portrait, entitled “The Spear” is part of a collection of politically inspired works called “Hail to the Thief II”. Having been strongly based on Victor Ivanov'

s famous poster of Lenin ,Lenin Lived, Lenin is Alive, Lenin Will Live one would have thought ex South African Communist Party memember Zuma would have loved it but Murray probably didn't use enough paint on his manhood.

Now Zuma is pissed off and is dragging the artist to court, everybody and his Jack Russel is screaming CENSORSHIP…, and Zuma's lawyer is in tears (literally) in court. Not that it makes much difference because two men entered the gallery on tuesday and painted over the artwork destroying it. Or making it better…

Ofcourse SA being the generally prude state it is, many people feel a bit put off by seeing any cock and balls so they think the artist went too far in that sense but everybody seems to agree that a message got through. Nobody has decided which message that is and people are changing coats faster than Ibrahimovic…

Zuma is the third black president since 1994 and probably the most controversial. He 's got 5 wives and a platoon of children, no worries there, it's totaly normal in SA. He's been acquitted of rape charges (also totaly normal for politicians in SA) and has been linked to corruption and racketeering. He seems to do a lot of thinking with his balls and not too much upstairs but hey… Google him and make up your own minds..


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A Spear causing a Stir in Sunny South Africa…

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