Brasilia : a capital joint

In the early 50's Juscelino Kubitschek, president of Brasil has a dream: to transfer the capital from Rio de Janeiro that was the mirror of the conquistadors'  culture, to a newly founded city, expression of the contemporary development of brazilian humanity. While Juscelino was holding this epiphany,  Oscar, a young architect of Rio ,  was sitted on his chair at the  Lucio Costa's atelier, his wandering mind, contemplating the meaning of modern architecture. Oscar didn't know that in a couple of years he would have meet Le Corbusier and construct a new capital for his country and a massive manifesto of the modern culture. In six years the president made it happen: first he approved in parliament the article through which he permitted the planing of Brasilia, then he chose the area to generate it and finally put together his team. The creative architecture of Oscar Niemeyer supported by Lucio Costa's knowledge of urban planning  were choosen to imagine a home for two hundred-thousands habitants.The urban plan designed by Lucio Costa was detailed and meticulous; he defines with extreme precision which areas intended for residential, health, banks, trade and he requires building height and size of blocks. The urban plan is a simple sign: a cross in the middle of nowhere that evolves because of the terrain form to an airplane shape.The fuselage of the aircraft contains the ministries, government buildings, the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies , the cathedral and the theatre .All these buildings sprout from the  imagination of Oscar Niemeyer that interprets the curve-shape of woman via the rationalist culture mixing functionalism austerity and rigor with poetry and music.

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