Make it Social, Vevo did it

In March, Vevo launched a bold new redesign that provided TV-like viewing, with instantaneous and continuous playback. But the biggest addition to the platform, other than a beautiful new full-screen player, was a new social sharing feature that takes advantage of Facebook Open Graph. Not surprisingly, VEVO seen a dramatic increase in the number of videos that are watched and shared on the social network since then.

VEVO has seen a 600% increase in Facebook-published or -watched videos when compared to February, to 4.5 mil

lion. It’s also signed up half a million new users via Facebook, which represents a 142 percent increase over the previous month. And the total number of impressions on Facebook grew to 171 million, which is a 181 percent change from February. 

(Ryan Lawler for TechCrunch)

VEVO launched a bold new redesign

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