Another strike against P2P [Italian Internet users]

I’ll just transcribe the news because I’m too sad and my tears need to be dried:

“KickassTorrent not “closed” but is simply “stuck” to the Italian Internet users.The war against electronic piracy continues to strokes and seizures “blocks” but this time the operation have more complex aspects pertaining to the “location” of the physical server that hosts the massive amount of data (software, movies, music, games ) that is transferred from hackers but also from the merely curious.
The Italian courts clearly can not block the server that is “physically” in the Philippines and has therefore declared its “blackout” on the Italian territory.
In fact, then, has not been closed but only “locked”.
What happened to KickassTorrent is just the latest sign of strokes made by the police post and the financial guard against the world market of pirated movies and software.
The site has 10 million daily torrent and was contacted by at least three million visitors from around the world.
A market that impressive and well explains the energy used by law enforcement to combat the phenomenon.
An all-out struggle which, however, might not ever end whereas, for each closed site, others are born.
A sort of game of “cops and robbers” who never sees the end and that the guardians of law in droves to oppose the hacker convinced that the network of the Internet is – or should be – a sort of no man’s land where the right of ‘ author may be violated.
In fact, in cases such as Kickasstorrent or Piratebay or Btjunkie, are more “complex” than what you would think, that the mere violation of laws to exchange files for free instead of paying them.
We talk about free movement of information and files and rebellion to the laws that prevent what are considered, rightly or wrongly, new freedoms.
A little less “heroic” the market for banner hosted on the site. The “Guardia di Finanza” has estimated revenues of $ 8.5 million for the year. Definitely something different from the gesture “rebel” of a group of kids “geeks”.



Maybe we can use a proxy? x)


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