Gulf of Lion

Environmental restoration could be a keyword to describe the EMF‘s work inside a unbridled speculation. Through a  selective deconstruction of 450 buildings edifyied and then abandoned by Club Med, the Spanish ministry of Environment decides to return at the nature one of the most beatiful landscape of the country. Cap de Creus is a windbeaten very rocky dry region: the Mediterrean sea in this place regenerates its cold water pockets thanks to the  Tramontana that moves between the  Pyrenees

This is possibly the biggest restoration project in the whole of the Mediterranean basin. It includes the selective deconstruction of 450 buildings and the paradigmatic management of 42.000m3 of residue, recycling virtually 100% of the material; two, the elimination of all invasive exotic species over 90 hectares, especially the ice plant (Carpobrotus edulis); three, the restoration of the orography and drainage to re-establish the natural erosion and sediment transport dynamics; four, the implementation of a public use project which exudes the values of the area by ordering and grading the itinerary and proposing a network of rock and animal identifiers.

Imagine to remodel the rocky ground after a concrete pouring that destroyied every shades drawed by the wind in years. Project team try to redesigns some parts of that through a series of consecutive spaces able to exalt new figures.

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