Renascence Man : Carlo Mollino

(1905-1973 turin, italy)

This guy did everything, sportsman, writer, photographer with a penchant for naked ladies which we always approve of here at ZQQRT, designer and above all Architect.

Mollino played with form, colours and materials, dodged away from all the usual business politics usually associated architecture and was known for his technological and esthetic research and above all for his passionate eccentricity.


Not knowing when to quit, Carlo died at his desk at age 68.


Disenchated with most modern Archistars, Mollino is definitely where I go when I need to take a step back before going forward.



Sala Del Teatro Regio, Torino

Baita Carlo Mollino, Sauze D’Oulx


Tavolo Reale                                                                           Poltrone 1955


A Occhio Nudo                   Polaroid : Colazione Privata

by marta novarini



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