There are worlds inside books

While eurozone lives economic crisis, as well  Italy is experiencing a disintegration of culture. The funds provided for enhancing the people’s cultural were cut without anyhesitation. The culture contained in a mammoth encyclopedias is now reduced to piles of papers abandoned. Guy Laramee, through his artistic sensibility, focuses his work  on the content of the great manuscripts. The Canadian artist, in fact, believes that inside knowledge of the manuscripts there are infinite worlds to discover. By subtracting the volume of papers culpture he tries to express a microcosm of charming landscapes.
The excellent technique developed by the artist allows him to treat manuscripts as if they were blocks of stone able to emerge by subtraction, magical landscapes related to the Zen culture or linked to the civilizations of the Middle East. Each landscape encloses a mystical tinge, to emphasize the importance of knowledge that is able to abstract and bring everyone to a higher state of existence.

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