The legends really matter

Yesterday afternoon I was playing music for the party of a child who has reached 10 years old, everything was super tedious of course, but what impressed me the most, was to understand why the music selection, required by this kid was incredibly good and not at all actual and mainstream as usual, in fact he asked me stuff like complete albums of michael jackson and all I had of disco music, explaining to me that this is the definitive music.

Why these requests have impressed me so much?

Easy answer if you know me : I live for music legends like the child, even though I am 17 years older than him!

That’s why July 22 I’ll fly to New York to celebrate the thirty-fifth anniversary of the Paradise Garage and Larry Levan, my central passion of music and cultural studies.

This was the last year, to understand each other:

In short, if had not existed the Loft and the Paradise Garage, today we would not have house music, and Larry Levan (rip), was the first ever DJ in history.


We’ll see you there, prepare your soul!

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