Cabrinha at Marshall’s

The Marshalls is one of the most isolated nations in the world. For the watersports enthusiast the Marshalls offers more than almost any other destination. The Windward is the newest addition to the Indies Trader Fleet. Originally a trawler then a pearling mothership, the Windward went through renovation and transformed into an all out remote location watersports support vessel. Because of its size, the Windward is perfect for large groups looking for full days of kite surfing with comfortable conditions on deck. The large covered back deck serves a great toy shed and can easily handle an amazing amount of gear. The Windward has 2 dinghies and a Jet ski with rescue sled. A Hiab seacrane to get the toys on and off the boat easily and quickly. Accommodation for a whole football team then some, a walk in coolroom, icy airconditioning and heaps of deckspace undercover and outside to rig up your gear and spread out. We’ve got a western Chef and an experienced surfing/diver skipper.

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