Ozora is coming up!!

This tiny southern Transdanubian settlement of Hungary’s Tolna County, Ozora has an unbelievably old history dating back to the Stone Age. Ancient people had chosen to gather and settle here, protected by the surrounding hills, Mother Nature gifting them with abundant fishing and hunting grounds. Ozora has been remarkably spared from the unkind influences of materialistic exaggerations, leaving it green-breathing and human-scale.  However it also takes an glorified place in Hungarian history. The site of the victorious battle of 1848 – its heroes inscribed in gold in all Hungarian historical chronicles, is also home to Pipo de Ozora’s Castle, a symbolic landmark, standing proudly to this very day outstanding in its individuality and homeyness among all other castles of its age. In a more recent past, in 1999, a year similarly unfathomable as the one lying ahead of us thirteen years later, Ozora was reborn as the site of a monumental solipse festival. Thousands of people gathered from all around the world to be a part of that uplifting and apocalyptic feeling of the total eclipse of the sun, celebrating it with goa music energies. Since then nine festivals had taken place, each one strengthening that one-of-a-kind togetherness and spiritual reformation that keeps it throbbing with life.

Where: Dadpuszta, Budaper, Hungary When:7-12 August 2012


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