Michelberger Hotel

Again in Berlin?! Yeah, Exactly!


Who said that in Berlin is mainly ended the tail of the historical arts & creativeness?

Perhaps the Parisians ….? Certainly, visitors to the Michelberger Hotel in Warschauer Strasse 39/40 in Berlin are very excited and believers to the spirit of urban areas discoveries. We’re talking about a hotel, which offers living spaces from very artistic single rooms, up to get to Loft and large luxury dormitories that can easily accommodate groups of 6 persons. However is not all, as well as rooms and beds are very beautiful and very artistically furnished, the Michelberger hotel offers to its guests awesome Events through the gardens and in the interiors all the time spanning from trade shows to music. In the web site, which is extraordinary, can also be found a variety of info about all others initiatives, such as various unique products manufactured ​​by the crew of the hotel, which reflect exactly the vision of the interiors design decorations.

The Michelberger web site!

Quote from various newspaper and magazine of the sector such as wallpaper, which you include in the 10 best places to be visited in Germany, is definitely a place to be seen as their spatial web site, in a city where arts and surprises never stop coming .

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