Rant of the Week : Elderly Peoples Voting Rights

Last week I was at my building’s homeowners meeting. The main matter on the table was the substitution of the old heating system to something new, more efficient, cheaper to run in the long-run and above all much more eco friendly than the diesel boiler we have now.  We found a company supplies the fuel and part of the deal is that they install the new system and we pay it off over 10 years. So for the first 10 years the heating bills wouldn’t be cheaper but actually cost 20 euro’s a month more. Ok so we all on the same page … we pay a little more for 10 years and then save 50 % for the next 15 or so.. that’s a huge saving innit?

Everybody was keen except for one little old lady who vetoed the whole thing because she’s 80 and probably won’t live to benifit from the saving! True Story!


What the Fuck! 


With that in mind we should just pollute our planet shitless and transform antarctica into a huge dump site because most of us probably won’t ever visit there! I’ll just let my dogs shit on the pavements and not pick it up because I usualy drive everywhere anyway. And I drive everywhere because I won’t be around to see this planet become a  barren wasteland….

Ok so thats the problem .. whats the solution: TAKE AWAY VOTING RIGHTS TO ANYBODY OVER 70… if you aren’t going to live to see the consequences of your actions you cant fucking have a say about it.

And people between 21 and 35 should be able to vote twice. Then you’ll see shit really change.


Fucking useless old people …


* this is not meant to offend old people who actually give a shit about anything, you know who you are *


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