The Ballad Of The Psychotropic Robots

Real-time procedurally generated audio-visual experience

Created by Eddie. Audio by Jack.


From a distant intergalactic space-station, the cosmic androids transmit to you uncompressed psychotropic audio-visual technology.

The Ballad of the Psychotropic Robots features a procedurally generated audio-visual experience that is blasted to you live and funky-fresh from the thermal exhaust ports of funkadelic spiritual machines.


This application was developed using C++ and OpenGL. It uses a customized game engine called “FunkEngine”, which was also used to create Kyoto. It usesfmod for handling sound and has bindings to GameMonkey Scriptfor rapid development.

The animation system borrows heavily from the concept of “tweening” and is inspired by the awesome TweenLite library.

Only time will tell how the precarious electronic machinery will meet his maker.

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