Mongol Rally

Imagine you’re lost in a massive desert, hundreds of miles from civilisation, driving a car your granny would be embarrassed by. Then all of a sudden all your wheels fall off and the search for tools turns up a dirty sock and two dried apricots. That’s the Mongol Rally – 10,000 miles of pure adventure over mountains, deserts and some of the most remote terrain on the planet.

The Mongol Rally isn’t about comfort and it doesn’t have a great deal to do with style, what we seek is adventure. The whole point is that it’s difficult. Hence the one litre rule was born. To tackle the worst roads in the world you you need a chariot with an engine size of under 1 litre (ish). There is nothing like staring down the bonnet of a Nissan Micra at hundreds of miles of dirt track and foot-high rocks. For the Mongol Rally 2012 your car must be registered on or after 1 January 2003.

Mongolia is not very close to the UK so the Mongol Rally explodes across 1/3 of the surface of the earth.Since the Mongol Rally is an adventure not a wimpy guided tour we un-invented the un-route. That means you can take any path you like to reach the finish line in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. There’s a place to start and a place to finish, but where you go, and what happens in between is anyone’s guess.Some teams plummet south through Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan, others rise up north through the Arctic Circle, still others surge straight through Central Asia and countries that don’t even legally exist.It’s about getting out into the world and discovering it for yourself, so we resolutely refuse to give you a route or detailed information about what to expect. Think how rubbish it would be if we all followed the same route – like a traffic jam all the way to Mongolia or worse, like having a guide book to the Rally.

For all those splendiferous teams from all across the European continent that can’t quite be arsed to start the Mongol Rally in the wrong direction we have whipped up the cleverly titled European Launch in the Czech Republic. Nestled in the shadow of the 13th century Czechout Party Castle we’ll welcome all the new teams into the belly of the Rally and celebrate their stupidity. We’ll be holding a knees up on Sunday 15th July, the night before the Euro Launch on Monday 16th July.


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