JUJU studio

Studio Juju is a design studio established by Timo Wong & Priscilla Lui in 2009. Based in Singapore, Studio Juju works across disciplines in furniture & objects, industrial design, spaces, research and conceptual works.

Being extra sensitive to human interactions, Studio Juju thrives to develop pleasant experiences with fresh perspectives in every project. Solutions are focused on essence and simplicity, and each work is created to be distinct, relevant and thoughtful.

In 2011, Design Miami/ honored the studio as “Designers of the Future”. The young studio has begun to collaborate with international brands, most recently, Desalto (Italy), Living Divani (Italy) and W Hotels Worldwide.


“We do product design & development, furniture, spaces, conceptual & research projects.”


To us, a way to enjoy luxury is to afford time, freedom and space.

Luxury Towers is a set of glass containers inspired by the personal ritual of dressing up. A watch, an heirloom ring, a favorite necklace – these objects are wrapped gently by the glass bubble, floating above the table surface.



A set of small boxes that can be nested together to take up the least amount of space and expanded without tools to form a big shelf. Stack and arrange to fit different spaces.



SmartSense is a set of wireless temperature sensor and location tag for precise temperature and location monitoring. The sensor takes temperature measurement at intervals and transmit results via wireless network. Temperature sensors attach to patients’ lower abdomen region using 3M Tegaderm hypoallergenic dressing, the location tags can be worn on the patient’s identification wrist strap.

This project was an effort in providing solution for detection and management of a communicable disease outbreak. Products are in use at the Singapore General Hospital and a consumer version was launched with a receiver base. The design concept is inspired by the process of dews forming on cool surfaces.


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