Phil Weeks is the Man!

A French producer and DJ who really smashes, a character who makes music and put the right records not only because he is very competent but even because he needs to send us an important message:
without music, life would be a mistake!

On the global House scene since the early nineties Mr. Weeks is a genuine technician connoisseur of the most famous and significant analog equipment used and invented for electronic music. Since 2001 he created the label Robsoul Rec which sits immediately in the international arena and successfully cranking out records, the same way as the best American historical label.
Travelling all the time for his exciting DJ set he grows relationships and collaborations with the best House DJ and producer of U.S. and world stage.

His music is unstoppable, his imagination and invent is unreachable in sampling, his collections are epics and his message is hard fun and enjoying living.

What’s more, he takes us into his living space with a series of live video both in the club and in his bases for the production in order to teach, let us enjoy and share the best of the best.
Check it out!!!
Here are some of my favourites!

Phil weeks is the Man!

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