Google has purchased Sparrow, creator or the popular e-mail client for Mac and iPhone.
Acquisitions like this one are important to businesses large and small.

Selling Out

When opportunity knocks. The thing to remember, though, when acquiring another company, is that all of their customers may not come along. Just check out the marketing campaign by Postbox, a Sparrow competitor, to lure away customers from existing apps in light of the Google acquisition. When acquiring another business, be sure you’re conscious of retaining needed customers by creating a smooth transition. The Next Web

The better business model. In this interesting post, Rian van der Merwe explains what the Sparrow acquisition really means and why it might upset a good portion of the online business development community. The philosophy that offering paid services, like Sparrow, rather than leveraging your users to sell advertising, like Google does, may be at stake here, and the clear winner seems to be the latter. Elezea

The downside of acquisition. While large businesses sometimes need the talent and expertise smaller firms have to offer and smaller companies find it hard to resist the resources and security of larger firms, the reality, some argue, is that when tech firms the size of Google or Facebook acquire a startup, it’s unlikely much of the company’s original vision will be retained. Given the choice, would you sell to Google? Techland


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