Profeti del www nel ’95

Questi ragazzini hanno predetto quello che internet sarebbe diventato… nel 1995!

This Public Service Announcement (PSA) was produced in 1995 by the 5th grade students at Ray Bjork school in Helena Montana. All the Internet possibilities mentioned in the script are today a reality. The production won a local ADDY Award in 1996 for Best PSA.
Production equipment was made available by the Myrna Loy Center. The Helena School District approved the project.
Mentoring the students in all phases of production, Cindy Gaffney proposed the project and volunteered to produce, write, direct and edit it.
5th Grade Cast (Alphabetical)
Marnee Banks
Aaron Bilodeau
Bryce Burkholder
Carolynn Chaffee
Natasha Collins
Jaymie Larsen
Abby O’Connor
Nancy Scow
Carolynn’s Cat – Bandit
Middle School Student – Crew
Cody Melton: Composed Music; Production and Editing Assistant

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