David Cameron vs Eminem alla conferenza Rap conservatrice: “sono disgustato dai poveri”

Nel giorno in cui in Inghilterra è diventato legale realizzare montaggi e parodie prendendo parti di film protetti da copyright, spettacoli televisivi o canzoni lo specialista audio Cassetteboy ha rilasciato questa conferenza Rap di David Cameron. Il rap mixa i discorsi di David Cameron durante le conferenze del partito conservatore con la traccia del 2002 di Eminem ”Lose Yourself.” Potrete sentire alcune rime del politico britannico come “Sono hardcore e conosco il punteggio”, “sono disgustato dai poveri” seguito da “Ho fatto in modo di essere pronti per la guerra di classe.”

[videojs youtube=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YBumQHPAeU” poster=”http://www.ziqqurat.eu/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/cameronrap-426×268.jpg” width=”100%” height=”300″]

Il testo:
I’m hardcore and I know the score / And I am disgusted by the poor / And my chums matter more / Because we are the law / And I’ve made sure / We’re ready for class war / Taking money from the man who works long hours / Giving power to the tycoons in the glass towers / That is why I can look you in the eye / And say This is the party of the motherfuckers / We don’t care about them other suckers / Because this is the party of the motherfuckers / And no, I don’t think that’s a dirty word / So let the beat drop / I come here with flows right from the top / Everybody knows if you work in a shop / We won’t help you, and do you know what? / People rising from the bottom to the top / Has got to stop / We have the bravery / To bring back slavery. / Working in a supermarket / Is just the start of it / My friends /There is no job at the end of it / You will be working for your benefits / Forever. / Let me get this off my chest / Saying yes / We are selling the NHS / And we’ll give you less / And that is just for starters / Even after privatising sticking plasters / It is a social disaster / That makes our hearts beat faster / Now, I am you master / The last thing this country needs is / Us, the Conservatives / Worse than the alternative / We don’t care / if you’re driven to despair / Don’t you dare say / It’s not fair / I’m not saying it’s not funny / It is for me, I’ve got loads of money / This is the party of the motherfuckers / The country is run for me and my muckers / This is the party of the the motherfuckers / We just don’t care about them other suckers.

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